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Doggie Stay

Boot camp is finally here! 

Wouldn’t it be nice if someone could
Just take your dog out, train it and bring it back?

Non residential boot camp is an excellent option for pet owners who may not have the time or experience to train their dogs themselves or for those who have tried other training methods without success.

I am approached by more and more owners wanting their dogs trained in this way for general obedience training or problems like aggression and so here we have it, Boot Camp! 

How does it work?  

I collect the dog from your home, conduct the training in real life situations on walks, in fields, in public spaces. The training is completely bespoke to your needs, so if is lead walking support, fear aggression, recall, transport training, socialisation we cover it! 

Not going to be in during the day? That’s fine, I am fully insured and dbs checked I can pop in and collect them and drop them back when we are finished! 

This non residential methods is favoured over traditional residential training as the dog remains in their own environment, sticks to their own routine with their family and doesn’t go through the stress and anxiety of being removed from their home.

How long is the course? 

This one week intensive course consist of 4 consecutive days of training 1.5 hours per day between Monday and Friday were your dog will have  1-1 training alone with an experienced canine behaviourist. (Boot camp currently runs week days am) so you will be provided with a slot during this time. 

It’s great if he does it for you!  but how do I get him to-do that? 

On day 5 we book in a review with you for an hour to go through all the training techniques we have used to support maintaining the new desired behaviours. 

This method is hugely beneficial because your dog has already gone through the training steps with me so it’s just a case of teaching you how to reinforcing their new learnt behaviour! 

How much is it going to cost me? and what am I actually paying for? 

Cost £190

30 minutes telephone consultation

1 hour meet, greet and behaviour assessment 

4 x 1.5 hour training sessions over consecutive days between Monday and Friday. 

1 hour training review were your invited to attend the session and go through all the training techniques. 

What happens after boot camp has finished? 

Upon completion of the training program, I provide ongoing support to ensure continued success through a closed members area. 

What is the success rate? 

The truth is no training program is 100% guaranteed and trainers that state this should be avoided. 

All dogs are different, through genetics traits, breed, ability and characteristics, they all have different personalities and have been exposed to different experiences. 

What I would say though, as someone who has over 18 year’s experience, a First Class BSc (Hons) Degree in Animal Behaviour and Science and a  Certificate of Excellence in Dog Behaviour Training and Canine Communication. I have an in-depth understanding of cognitive behaviour and reinforcement training, so they certain stand the best chance of succeeding. 

I’m interested! how do I book on? 

I am expecting this course to be hugely popular, so do enquire early to secure your week this year! 

Non refundable deposit of £50 is needed at the time of booking and the remaining balance paid  7 days prior to the course starting. 

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